A last minute change, but not too big of a deal…!

I made a post about how I can’t keep my bow shop, and said it’ll be closing on the 17th. But I’m leaving a few days earlier than originally planned, so instead, I’m going to close it on the 16th (tonight) so if you still want to order something, now’s the last day!

I transferred to a new school, which starts next month, so I’m moving soon to live on campus. They have a rule against operating a business out of your apartment, which means I’ll have to close my bow shop. The rule’s probably more for things like physical shops in the apartment, but I’d rather not risk it or whatever. It was going to be difficult keeping it running from there anyway, since it’s a lot of stuff to move, the rooms are small, and I’d have less time to take care of orders.

But instead of just closing it up and saying that’s that, I want to give folks a chance to snag some bows before I leave! I’ve even set it up so all the bows I’ve ever put up (like the ones limited to spring or holidays) are available~ I’m going to close the shop on Wednesday, September 17, and send out all the orders before I leave on the 20th. If you use the code beforegoodbye at checkout, you’ll get a 20% discount!

Click here to go to the shop

I’ll probably also open it up for a few weeks prior to when I know I’ll be coming back to the house (like for holidays) and I can take care of making them and sending them out when I’m here.